So I have settled, for the time being at least, in a ramshackle but charming hostel on the shore of Lake Taupo. New Zealand is an expensive country to travel about in and winter employment was in order. The town of Taupo (toe-paw, not t-ow-po) is fine, occupying an inlet at the north end of […]

Talland Bay

Summer is a busy time for me, I will explain why, for the moment allow me to break my post drought with a small piece of Talland Bay. Situated betwixt Looe and Polperro you will find Talland. It is overlooked by the Cornish, much like the rest of South East Cornwall, but for those faithful […]

Jack Clemo: Poet of the Clay

‘The Flooded Clay Pit’           These white crags Cup waves that rub more greedily Now half-way up the chasm; you see          Doomed foliage hang like rags;          The whole clay-belly sags.             What scenes far Beneath those waters: chimney pots That used to smoke; brown rusty clots           Of wheels still oozing tar; […]