Things can sometimes illicit a powerful and unexpected response. This photograph of a field outside of Downderry does this.

A complex mixture of feeling, hard to pin down…

An ideal, a distant desire from childhood; a piece of vivid imagination garnered from some long-lost book or photograph that has become entwined with memory over time. Not wholly my own.

I believe it might stem from the ‘Reader’s Digest Book of Natural Wonders’, a book I once pored over almost daily. I remember an image of the Rocky Mountains, wild, expansive and empty and this somehow now comes with more palpable, corporeal memory of a warm, blue clear sky. The sound of a single propeller plane and the feel of prickly half-dried grass with tiny quick footed wolf spiders hunting amongst it.

It also brings a fleeting, rapid and expansive showreel of a whole life, again not mine, but one I could have had. All the alternative complexities of that in a strobing snapshot of images and imagination.

Like a glimpse through a window of a stranger’s house at night. A glimpse of another life in the walls, paintings and furniture.

The photograph above seems to represent all of this. It’s expanse is melancholy but uplifting. Yearnings to just go, yearnings to settle. A world of infinite possibilities but necessarily only few of them ever to be realised.

It’s an elusive and ephemeral state and I can’t feel it long enough to do it justice. It’s almost as though I exhaust it if I try to keep conjuring it back. So I suppose that will have to do.