DSC_0405Lansalwys is the Cornish language name it seems, I don’t know which I prefer.

Today being the first consistently warm, yet crisp, Spring day I had to get out and jettison my school workload.

DSC_0409Pretty much the only I’ll say about Lansallos is go. On a sun soaked day it is easily one of my top picks for Cornish beaches.

It’s to be found west of Polperro and East of Polruan. There’s very little of anything in the considerable space between those two places so you’ll find it, if you don’t you’ll find the almost equally as lovely Lantic Bay and if you happen to miss that you’ll still be in one of the most overlooked and unspoilt parts of Kernow.

You walk down a track from the alluringly quiet little hamlet and end up here. Totally worth the slog back up.

The way the rocks have been carved here often breaks any breeze and allows for a pretty perfect little suntrap.

It is quite popular in the height of Summer but never what you’d call crowded. It tends to be the preferred haunt of the locals of Polperro, Polruan and Looe.

There was a solitary but supremely content and relaxed fisherman here today,  casually watching the rod tip with little care. DSC_0413

The Church and Churchyard are definitely worth the time too. Although don’t hold out too much hope for the proudly advertised book sale. Unless you happen to be after a Haynes manual for a Hyundai Pony.

The headland in the distance on the bottom right is the Dodman. FYI.